Nicola Veronico company has been working on waste management since 1974, in compliance with regulations in force. The company is an integral part of national character organisms like COOU, Cobat, Conoe and it operates mainly on Apulia, Basilicata and Molise territories. The company has two storage and treatment plants located in Modugno (Ba) and Ascoli Satriano (Fg) and they have also achieved the following certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 as well the registration to EMAS regulation.

Among the different services, Nicola Veronico srl offers collection, transportation, storage and treatment of special hazardous and non-hazardous waste, technical and administrative assistance, security-consultant thing on the fly and ADR laws.

The mineral oil and oil emulsions storage plant is the flagship of Modugno site. Here Pieralisi has given a great contribution, carrying technological innovations like the possibility of treating with new machineries mixed waste such as water and oil emulsions, being able to separate the two components to recovery them both.

Thanks to the qualified technical staff, after years of study on efficiency of the separation process mineral oils from emulsions, Nicola Veronico and Pieralisi have reached together remarkable results.

The collaboration goes on in the research of continuous improvement.




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