The reuse of paper industry waste and by-products is becoming for this and many other sectors, one of the leading aspects, even from the competitive point of view. Towards this problem, greater efforts are lavishing with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the paper production, looking for solutions both addressed to the decrease of raw materials and not self-produced energy request and aimed to the reduction of rejection flows to be taken as disposal.

In this context, Pieralisi Group enriches his range of customers with another and strategic reference represented by Lucart SpA, one of the leading producer at European level of paper and tissue products (toilet paper, kitchen towels, towels, tablecloths, napkins etc.). Sixty years of experience allowed the company to develop know-how, experience and technology necessary to realize quality products able to meet customers’ needs.

Lucart Group’sproduction capacity of paper is 300,000 tons/year and include the products born to meet the needs of different types of user, from the large company to the end user.

Lucart represents from the beginning a reality strongly oriented to innovation, they have developed the first plant in Italy able to recover cellulose fibres in Tetra Pak® containers, a revolutionary project from the ecological point of view that has enabled Lucart to obtain a paper of excellent quality with due respect for the environment.

The products quality and the respect of the environment are from the beginning behind Lucart’s strategic choices, such as the choice to secure the performance of a Pieralisi plant, actually a state-of-the-art centrifugal extractor, model MAIOR 4 HS (high speed technology) able to guarantee a solid dehydrated with high concentration of solid matter, a mixed liquor without suspended solids and with a COD value drastically reduced as a result of the high separation efficiency during the processing with evident satisfaction from the customer.

Once again the teamwork done by Pieralisi has enabled to obtain a big result by strengthening its presence on the national territory and confirming the leadership in the centrifugation field.




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