Kohler & Cia is one of the biggest printing company of Santa Caterina State in Brazil with a production capacity of 50 tons per day and installed in an industrial area of more than 12 thousand square meters in the centre of Guabiruba. A new unit has been recently built in Pomerania on more than 15 thousand square meters.

Since its foundation which was in 1949, Kohler & Cia has always been concerned with the respect of the environment and preserved for the future generation this great value which is nature and water which is its most important natural resource.

Kohler takes responsibility to preserve watercourses, developing efficient actions and investing in improvements. It is no coincidence that Kohler has invested in Pieralisi decanter that, besides the excellent performances, are beneficial for the environment, reducing the impact that their activity has on it.

With the increase of the production in 2014 Kohler buys the last Pieralisi decanter, a Major 3 HS, the first of the new HS generation to be installed in a company of this sector in Brazil. These new technologies adopted by Kohler have brought to a reduction of half of the consumption of water in the dyeing process.

With its 65 years’ experience, Kohler & Cia is a traditional company but at the same time innovative and creative, willing to grow and develop increasingly with the awareness and sustainability of a more colored world, satisfied customers and a committed team. Pieralisi Group is enthusiastic about the way Kohler is training continuously its employees, by keeping them always up-to-date on the functioning of the extractors giving the due attention to their preventive maintenance, thus ensuring an extension of their lifetime, an improvement in the quality of the equipment and of their process.



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