Evocare Puglia First Edition Conference

The conference “Innovation on the olive oil process: new opportunities PSR2014-2020” organized by the association Evocare Puglia, will be held tomorrow, September 16th 2015, at Sala Convegni Padiglione di Unioncamere Puglia of Levante Expo in Bari.

The Pieralisi Group will participate to the conference with the intervention of the North-Central Italy Sales Manager, Beniamino Tripodi, entitled "Protoreactor® and Dmf / Leopard Pieralisi: the new extraction technologies to improve the olive oil quality and the value of its by-products.”

The conference, focused on technological innovations in the olive oil production process is aimed at a specific audience, composed of millers. The concept will be the use of innovative tools designed to increase the parameters of traceability, safety and security of the product in order to give benefit to the final consumers.

Two are the objectives: the first is to facilitate the meeting between demand and supply of innovation and technology process, give the millers the chance to meet the producers of new plants and equipment and facilitate the transfer of know-how on new ICT in the processes of olive oil transformation; the second is to give potential beneficiaries of the measures of the new PSR Puglia 2014-2020, the opportunity to plan the participation in tenders, the technological innovation of their companies and the investments to be implemented in respect of plant and equipment.

See you tomorrow at 10.00!