A Spanish delegation composed of nine opinion leaders visited last week, on Wednesday 4th November, Pieralisi Group plants in Jesi.

Among the visitors, there were people of great importance in the olive oil world such as Elena Viboras, Senator and former Councillor for Agriculture of Andalusia, Manuel Férnandez, Vice-President of the Province of Jaén, Carmen Cristina Del Toro, General Manager of Citoliva, Manuel Torres and Enrique Delgado, President and Secretary of Infaoliva, Francisco Pérez, President of Fadal, José Luis Maestro, President of Aneo, Javier Grindlay, President of Sat El Taleje and Carlos Morillo, General Manager of the prestigious company of Baeza, Oleícola Jaén.

After the warmly welcome by the management and ownership, were presented the new products of the olive oil division, the centrifugal extractor SPI 888 just installed in Portugal and the protoreactor.

The delegation then visited the plant in Via Don Battistoni and the production base in Via Ancona where they could see all the steps of the process, from the design to the production.

The visit finished in the early afternoon with the return of the delegation in Milan.