Starting in 2000, Loonbedrijf Verberne, a pioneer in the Netherlands, offers mobile manure separation solutions with a Pieralisi decanter centrifuge. The Pieralisi decanter centrifuge is the only mobile instrument where more than 70% of the phosphate is separated with the cake, without the use of added chemicals.

The cake is now a valuable product, which can be sold as a fertilizer.

John Verberne, owner of Loonbedrijf Verberne, says: “Farmers contact me for emptying their manure storage tanks. Separating the raw manure with a Pieralisi decanter centrifuge results into two very nice products. The first, a cake with high levels of phosphate and the second, a nice nitrogenous liquid which the farmer can spread on his own land.
This allows the farmer to
efficiently remove the fertilizer due to tougher government restrictions which took effect on January 1, 2014. This processing obligation applies on the excess kilograms of phosphate produced by the farmer.”

The mobile decanter system is a solution designed by two key-suppliers: Pieralisi and EPM-automation.

  • Pieralis as the supplier of the decanter centrifuge driven by a Full Hydrostatic drive combined with a PLC controlpanel
  • EPM automation is the manufacturer of the trailer construction incl. the delivery of all other side equipments like macerator, pumps, screw conveyors and power supply

After completion of the mechanical construction Pieralisi takes care of the complete electrical wiring.

The result is a custom-build mobile decanter centrifuge with a mission: the highest possible reliability on-site!

John Verberne continues: “After 12 years working with the Pieralisi JUMBO-series we started in 2012 with the first Pieralisi MAMMOTH 570/3. The idea was to increase our capacity up to 35m3/h, by this lowering our fixed costs such as labor-hours and diesel consumption. In practice capacities up to 45 m3/h seemed possible. Another big advantage are the maintenance cost, these were reduced by 60% compared to the JUMBO”,says John Verberne smiling. Since 2015 John Verberne is operating a total of three mobile Pieralisi MAMMOTH 570/3 decanter centrifuges.

With a total capacity of over 4 million kg manure per year John Verberne is the biggest manure separating company of the Netherlands. His three mobile Pieralisi decanter centrifuges guarantees maximum flexibility and high throughput capacity.

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