Founded in 1958 Shandong Lanshan Group is a state-own enterprise mainly devoted to grain and oil processing as well as vegetal protein processing. It is also dedicated to the livestock & poultry breeding, meat and feed processing. The annual production is 260,000 tons of soya bean with an annual output of 53,000 tons of soy protein, 6,000 tons of oligosaccharides and 30,000 tons dietary fiber.

The output value has doubled and the profit has grown ten times over the past 3 years– states Mr Xu Zhenguo, the General Manager of Lanshan Group "In the future, Lanshan Group will work to raise the soybean production to improve the industrial chain. Lanshan is going to be the largest production base for vegetal proteins in the next three years."

In 2013, Lanshan Group co-operated with Xinfa Group to develop a project with a total investment of RMB 5,000 million. For such a great company, the greatest partner: Pieralisi Group. Forty decanters Elephant SJ and Jumbo 4 HS have been supplied for this new project.
Lanshan’s mission is to build up in the next five years, the largest production base of non-transgenic soy protein in China.

Pieralisi Group in order to guarantee a better after sale service to this special customer, has built up a spare parts warehouse close to Lanshan Group covering also the whole area of Pacific and Asia.

This excellent result comes from the commitment and passion of the whole company. Women and men of five different nationalities, members of Pieralisi Group, laid the groundwork for the success.

“Thanks to our strength, to the quality of our products and to our human resources, we managed to win this contract, overcoming our aggressive competitors", declared the President of the Group, Gennaro Pieralisi.



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