Gebr. Verkooyen located in Langeweg, is the owner of the world’s first Pieralisi MAGNUM 2 mobile decanter centrifuge for manure processing in Holland. The world’s first MAGNUM 2 (on manure) will be integrated into a trailer for the dedicated purpose of separating raw manure or digested sludge from Biogas installations.

As land is scarce in Holland manure cannot be spread unlimited on land. Demanding a solution to deal with this problem the decanter centrifuge has been introduced to separate the solids and the liquid with the main target to reduce the amount of phosphate in the liquid. This will allow farmers to spread the liquid on the land within the limits of the local regulations.

Since Pieralisi first started on the manure/digested sludge market some 15 years ago, Pieralisi has gained a leading role on manure processing. The first machine installed was a fixed installation at a pig farmer, from there the market has grown and developed itself from fixed installation to mobile installations.

Pieralisi has, together with his partner EPM Automation, developed a mobile (trailer) unit that is able to move from location to location.
The whole concept is a turnkey solution on a trailer incl. pumps, macerator, power supply, scroll conveyor for solids, remote access, etc.
There is always someone willing to be the first to go one step bigger.

Now the first MAGNUM 2 has been ordered with the expectation that it will handle 60-80 m3/hr.Who knows the MAGNUM 2 might even prove to be the future standard on the market, only time will tell.

We are very proud to be able to sell such a fantastic product and to keep our presence on the market as a leader.
The name Pieralisi is synonymous to decanter on the manure market and stands for reliability and fast service intermediation. This is achieved by staying close to the customer. Providing the customer with a good and effective solution and ensuring that the service requirements can be fulfilled on time at the moment when it is most critical. You might even consider the service business to be the most critical.

Like the olive oil, manure is a seasonal business and down time cannot be afforded. For that reason the market is demanding, almost asking a 24 hours service reaction time. Pieralisi Northern Europe BV has all the vital spares on stock to meet up with this request. Without it we could not be successful.



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