BIOMETHANE: Industry opportunities

“Agroenergia”, in collaboration with “Federmetano”, came up with the idea of a conference under the name of “Biomethane South” aimed at making people aware of this gas as a source of renewable energy. Biomethane, in fact, which comes from the numerous agricultural productions in the southern regions, can bring important savings over time.

This topic, as well as how to contribute to further development of Biomethane , was on the agenda in the past few days in Bari. There, the Pieralisi Group has brought his experience, mostly thanks to the DMF technology developed from the Leopard centrifugal extractor, which is able to recover the 100% of the olive waste and to make the production of biomethane happen.

The idea is the following one: not to burn this gas anymore, but to use for different applications, such as feeding an automotive station in a lay-by on the highway or being carried in gas-transporting trucks for sale.

The Sales Director Beniamino Tripodi has explained how Pieralisi can contribute to biomethane production using the pâtè obtained from the olive pulp.
Beniamino Tripodi has said that “Today many digesters use the pâtè produced by Pieralisi plants, and there are all the conditions to create bio-digesters capable of being fed 100% by that same pâtè, with much more attractive rates”. He then continues “furthermore, considering that the olive production in Italy concentrates primarily in the south (Puglia region alone owns 40% of the entire Italian market share), it is easy to understand that such projects in southern regions can have a high chance of success”.