NOTHING TO BE CREATED, NOTHING TO BE DESTROYED; EVERYTHING CHANGES. This is the motto of Pavind s.r.l., the company from the region of Abruzzo born from the dedication of the Trimacco brothers. The two determined entrepreneurs had the confidence to create and lead a growing reality in the environmental services industry thanks to their technical and operational skills and knowledge.

Due to highly qualified personnel, Pavind s.r.l. can provide mechanic solutions in services such as vacuum, bleeding, video inspections, rubble treating and disposal, municipal and industrial sludge dehydration, multi-material selection, environmental and asbestos reclamation. The company successfully carries out its activities going to public and private companies over Italy.

Pavind s.r.l. chose Pieralisi centrifugal extractor JUMBO 4 HS to dehydrate pump able sludge generated from the wastewater treatment; in particular, the company decided to go directly on costumer site with a mobile unit, then completing the solution with the transportation of the sludge, managing to operate 24/7 thanks to a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system.
The service provided with Pieralisi machines is ideal for customers that have to manage small purifiers, since it is not only very convenient from an economic point of view, but also in terms of time saving.

In this way, thanks to the reliability of its units and customer service, that is capable of quickly solve sudden and unexpected issues, the Pieralisi Group confirms itself as a leader in the industry. Also, the partnership with Pavind substantially grows Pieralisi presence on the national territory.


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