JUMBOPRESS: Pieralisi decanter for wine processing.
JUMBOPRESS: Pieralisi decanter for wine processing.
Watch the video presentation for JUMBOPRESS, Pieralisi decanter for wine processing.
  The MAMMOTH 2 decanters, exclusively produced by Pieralisi for the Saudi market, are part of the project “SHUAMBAH III – EXPANSION II DESALINATION ...
30th Edition of the National Exhibition on Sanitation and Environment Services.  


PIERALISI S.p.A. - Headquarters
Via Don Battistoni 1,
60035 Jesi (AN) Italy

Ιστορία επιτυχίας
ATP engineeringis a Colombian company, founded in 1995 and famous for supplying services and consultancy on chemical, industrial, and environmental industries
Nothing to be created, nothing to be destroyed, everything changes. This is the motto of Pavind s.r.l., the company from the region of Abruzzo born from
Shandong Lanshan Group is a state-own enterprise mainly devoted to grain and oil processing as well as vegetal protein processing.
“It is not possible to count the money you save with Pieralisi’s complete plant: with the machines you work all day and all night long; charge, clear out,
With the success story of Stichting Mestverwerking Gelderland, Pieralisi flies to Hollland, where the mills are the protagonists and the lands are endless
Gebr. Verkooyen located in Langeweg, is the owner of the world’s first Pieralisi MAGNUM 2 mobile decanter centrifuge for manure processing in Holland.
Kohler & Cia is one of the biggest printing company of Santa Caterina State in Brazil with a production capacity of 50 tons per day and installed in an industrial
Starting in 2000, Loonbedrijf Verberne, a pioneer in the Netherlands, offers mobile manure separation solutions with a Pieralisi decanter centrifuge
The reuse of paper industry waste and by-products is becoming for this and many other sectors, one of the leading aspects, even from the competitive point
Nicola Veronico company has been working on waste management since 1974
Mutti, just tomato!
In all Italian dishes for over 100 years. A tradition of flavours and innovation since 1899. Mutti, located in the heart of Food Valley in Parma, has settled
Timashevskaya is the largest poultry farm in the Samara region.
Distillerie Bonollo: the centuries-old art of Grappa making
Since 1908, when Giuseppe Bonollo started using the then innovative steam stills, the corporate production philosophy has remained practically unchanged:
Braskem products are part of the lives of millions of people around the world
Brazilian Petroleum, the biggest company in Brazil
Tradition and innovation, in the sign of quality: Fileni
Tradition and innovation, in the sign of quality: Fileni
Συνεταιρισμός Alpe del Garda: Σεβασμός στο περιβάλλον και στην ανάπτυξη του τόπου
Περιτριγυρισμένος από παρθένα φύση ο Συνεταιρισμός Alpe del Garda εργάζεται σε πλήρη αρμονία με την γύρω περιοχή...
RAZZO LTDA ATP Ingenieria S.A.S. Pavind S.r.l. Gebr. Verkooyen BV Stichting Mestverwerking Gelderland Bufarini srl Michigan Sugar Company Lanshan Group
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Braskem Deerberg Systems GmbH ETG Entsorgung + Transport GmbH Sunoil Biodiesel Smurfit Kappa Deutschland GmbH Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH Fileni SRL Gruppo Hera
Mutti S.p.A. Diamalteria Italiana Distillerie Bonollo Amadori Mdt Srl Alpe del Garda Trevalli-Cooperlat