Tradition and innovation, in the sign of quality: Fileni

Fileni Group, was born in the 1970 and it is now the third player in the poultry sector on a national scale and the leading producer of organically-reared meat in Italy and in Europe. With the brands “Fileni”, “Club dei Galli”, “Magic”, “Almaverde Bio” and “Sempre Domenica”, through an extensive presence in the large-scale distribution, GDO, GDA, Normal Trade, and through different collaborations with leading players, Fileni has today a turnover of 300 millions of euro (2011).

In the new and modern manufacturing plant in Cingoli, among the hills of the region Marche, Fileni Group has developed the Agricultural and Food system, through which it can control the whole production process, from farming to distribution, getting over the years many records: first plant dedicated to ready meals (1989), beginning of organic production (2001), development of cooking “no fry” (2008), which gives a tasty and crispy products without the passage in the fryer.

"The Company’s success - says the founder Giovanni Fileni - is in our strategy that combines tradition and innovation with quality, aligning business model and sales offer to the new consumer trends. Trough this strategy, over time the company has grown, and now has two production plants, one in Cingoli in the province of Macerata and one in Castelplanio, in the province of Ancona.”

This ability to anticipate the needs of consumers has turned into a continuous investment in the research and development of innovative solutions. For that, Fileni has identified in Pieralisi Group the ideal partner for technological innovation applied to the processes and a perfect solution for the food industry.

“Trough the use of Pieralisi machines - says Giovanni Fileni with satisfaction - we have improved the quality of our products, we have optimized the investment costs and we got an important energy saving. We have two FP600 2RS decanters centrifuges and one FP600 decanter centrifuge dedicated to waste treatment from process and production and one FP510 decanter centrifuge (the previous version of Baby2) in order to recover waste of our products, (Rendering) from which we obtain others business, including for example products for pet-food industry.”

During the next five years, Fileni will become the brand leader of white meat for the wellness and haute cuisine. "The key of our success - concludes Giovanni Fileni - is the specify choice we have made: provide the market with genuine and quality products to became the point of reference for ready meals. Fileni was one of the first to obtain the product certification and traceability. Our purpose is to create value for the trade, trough a strong propensity to the health and pleasure of taste.”



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