The MAMMOTH 2 decanters, exclusively produced by Pieralisi for the Saudi market, are part of the project “SHUAMBAH III – EXPANSION II DESALINATION PLANT”.

The project involves the construction of one of the biggest desalination plant of the area in Shoaiba, on the west coast of Saudi Arabia where the reverse osmosis technologies will be used to produce up to 250.000 cubic metres of potable water, supplying more than one million residents in the neighboring cities.

Thanks to the extensive studies of the experts in the field, Pieralisi machinery has been specially made of SUPERDUPLEX material that avoids, in the long term, the corrosion of the plant due to the high level of chlorides in water. Moreover, the decanters will allow to reduce remarkably the management costs of the back washing water of the desalination filters. 

This is a very important project counting again the Pieralisi Group among the leaders in the high efficiency centrifugation field.