An innovation in the olive oil extraction process that improves the quality and reduces time and cost. The launch in occasion of EnoliExpo
Gennaro Pieralisi: “Just innovating we can keep our global leadership”

Protoreattore® is the name of the breaking new process for the extra virgin olive oil extraction designed by Pieralisi.
A revolutionary machine for the kneading of the olive paste that can optimize the time, reduce the cost but, what is more, it can improve the quality of the final product. Protoreattore® has already been successfully launched in Spain and in other foreign countries and now, it is being launched in Italy for EnoliExpo in Fermo city from next Friday to Sunday. EnoliExpo is a traditional appointment for the olive growing and the oenology where the latest news about machinery, equipment, product and services are presented.

A step forward that the Group – world leader in the production of olive machines – proposes to the national olive mills to improve furtherly the performance of the olive oil plants. This is possible because of the elimination of the traditional tanks. These last are substituted by a cylinder in which the olive paste is processed for a period of time that is reduced of more or less one fifth, with a minor heat loss consequent to a reduced processing period. This optimizes the concentration of polyphenols that give substance and quality to the extra virgin olive oil.

“Nowadays the olive growing is facing new challenges – declared the president of the Group, Gennaro Pieralisi – we would like to keep on acting on the market as we have always done: through a constant innovation. Just keeping on innovating constantly, we can strengthen our leadership in an evolving market that can distinguish quality and professionality”.

Protoreattore® is being presented in our wide booth at the exhibition. It is the central theme of the meeting on Saturday afternoon during EnoliExpo, together with the DMF technology: another innovation made by Pieralisi Group concerning the extraction. This technology is embodied by Leopard, which enables to work the olives without adding water and obtaining not just a high quality olive oil but also a full valorization of all the olive components such as kernel and pâté. The kernel is used as pellet for chimneys and boilers, and the pâté, a certain quantity of husk made up of pulp and vegetal water, is used for the biogas installation, animal meal and food use.