Great event of Pieralisi Hellas

Great success for Pieralisi Hellas.  From 30th March to 1st April between Athens and Heraklion (Crete), some important meetings took place. In the first day, were involved the agents responsible for selling Pieralisi machinery in Greece and in the other two days all Pieralisi Greek customers.

During the first day, Andrea Pieralisi together with his Italian colleagues Giacomo Laterza, Stefano Ponzetti and Giovani Rocchio, and all the Greek team of Pieralisi Hellas, had a detailed meeting. They analyzed the good results of 2016 and the ambitious targets to be achieved during this 2017 in the sale of new machines and original spare parts.

The second dayhowever took place in Heraklion and involved more than 250 customers from all over Greece. It was the appropriate time to display the long-awaited news of the Group like DMF Leopard centrifugal extractor, Molinova series ORO kneading modules and the revolutionary Protoreattore®.
Angelos Mochloulis, the General Manager of Pieralis Hellas, together with the olive oil expert, Vasilis Kamvisis, presented the advantages of this innovative technology for the batch processing typical of Greece.

The last event on the third day, organized during the third day by SEVITEL and FILAIOS at Heraklion, had as fil rouge the presentation of the above-described machines in front of an audience of more than 200 olive growers. 

Once again Pieralisi Group continues the rush of success all over the world and the innovative Protoreattore® will revolutionize the kneading process as well as the company already established know-how.