2Life by Pieralisi

2Life by Pieralisi

Used washing machines, crushers, malaxers, decanters and separators are brought back to life through a refurbishing process aimed at achieving machinery equivalent to new.

The refurbishing process is based on the concept that the products are original brand with aesthetic and mechanical-functional conditions similar to the "new".

On this basis, the 2life product is:

  • Equivalent to new
  • Technologically updated according to current regulatory and technological standards
  • Refurbished by highly specialized personnel using only Pieralisi spare parts
  • Guaranteed with the same terms as offered for new products
  • Serviced by authorized Pieralisi technicians

The advantages are not only economic, since maintaining products and materials in use contributes to sustainable waste management and reduces CO2 emissions.

A circular mindset that reflects Pieralisi’s commitment to a forward-looking approach.

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