The passion for innovation has always been the driving force behind Pieralisi. This is just as true today as at the outset when Adeodato Pieralisi set up his first workshop in the small town of Monsano in 1888, the start of this family-run manufacturing business.


Today, Pieralisi is an integrated business system geared towards the global market, with a great capacity for innovation.
We now have a world-wide presence with production plants and sales facilities strategically positioned in Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Brazil and Tunisia, with a combined surface area of 97,000 m2 and a workforce of over 500 staff members.

2020 - a new shareholder, IDeA CCR II

This year, to speed up the company’s development plans in all reference sectors and consolidate its leadership on the global competitive scene, IDeA Corporate Credit Recovery II (IDeA CCR II) joined the shareholding structure with 51%. This Italian Debtor-in-Possession Financing fund is managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR, a company in the DeA Capital Group.

2016 - the new era for oil malaxing

With Protoreattore® Pieralisi has gained supremacy in the field of machines for the production and extraction of olive oil. A unique system in the world olive oil market, which revolutionises the traditional process of malaxing.

2012 - waste recovery

In 2012 Pieralisi once again revolutionised the olive oil production industry by introducing LEOPARD, the centrifugal extractor with DMF technology (Multi-Phase Decanter) which, by recovering the pomace, reduces the amount of waste to dispose of, thereby creating added value for the oil mill operator.

2010 - new dietary styles

The “CPA” (adjustable centripetal pump) is a special device developed by Pieralisi to meet the specific needs for improved performance and greater operating flexibility in certain food applications, in particular beverages.

1988 - water processing

Jumbo, the new decanter centrifuge has been installed in the biggest aqueduct in Europe, and is designed to provide the solution to any technological waste water separation issue.

1981 - environmental friendliness

Boasting an extensive range of decanter centrifuges and vertical separators, Pieralisi makes it possible to recover water used in various municipal or industrial processes, reducing the volume of sludge, in addition to applications in plants for the production of biogases and biomass-based alternative energy.

1970 - expanding to new markets

Experimenting with ever-new technological solutions, combined with its extensive experience and know-how in the olive oil sector led Pieralisi to offer centrifugal force as the optimal solution to other production processes in the agrifood, industrial and waste water processing industries, so that, in just a few years, the brand has established itself as the world leader in centrifugation.

1960 - continuous olive extraction

In the 1960s Engineer Pieralisi took over from his father in running the company, revolutionising traditional olive oil extraction systems and winning over national and international markets thanks to the introduction of the first decanter for continuous olive processing.

1950 - industrial development

From the post-war period onwards, business at the main headquarters in Jesi focused and specialised in the production of the first olive oil machinery, and what was once a family-run manufacturing business became an industrial enterprise with a solid organisation.

1888 - the beginning

Pieralisi was established by Adeodato Pieralisi in 1888 in the small town of Monsano and it started out as a small family-run workshop.