Plant milk

Centrifuges for plant milk such as almond, rice, oat and soya

Plant milk products are gradually changing the eating habits of a large number of people, owing both to their nutritional values as well as their greater environmental and energy sustainability. Compared to animal milk and dairy products, vegetable milk products require less specific consumption of natural resources while generating fewer CO2 emissions during the growing and processing phases.

Pieralisi has always cared greatly about environmental issues and sustainability as a whole, having applied its technology to processes for the production of various types of vegetable milk and contributing to the continuous qualitative and nutritional development of the same. Pieralisi centrifuges for plant milk - including decanters and centrifugal separators - developed on the basis of the brand’s consolidated experience gained in the food industry, are now widely used in the various phases of separation required during the production of the principal vegetable milks, specifically: almond, rice, oat and soya milk.