Decanter centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges

Pieralisi centrifuges feature modern technology which combines the ability to process products with a considerable solid content with outstanding clarification efficiency. The levels of  performance obtained depend both on the sophisticated mechanical details and on the considerable centrifugal force applied, as well as on the operating parameters (flow rate, differential speed, liquid levels) and on the specific characteristics of the product (density, viscosity, quantity and size of solid particles).

A main motor connected to the horizontal decanter shaft drives the drum rotation. The extremely high centrifugal force generated inside the drum is proportional to the rotational speed and to the drum diameter. The product to be clarified enters through the feed pipe, travels along the diffuser, which distributes it in the centre of the drum, where it begins to revolve. The centrifugal force acting on the solid particles is responsible for the solid-liquid separation.
Each decanter centrifuge can be tailored to any specific application, selecting between the different configurations, components and devices available.