Chemical and pharmaceutical

Separators for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Chemical process engineering utilises a wide range of different operations and derived technologies. Among such technologies, separation technologies using filtration and sedimentation play an important role in the majority of chemical production processes.

In most cases the quality of the end-product significantly depends on the efficiency of the separation processes, for instance: separating impurities from the raw materials; two-phase (solid/liquid or liquid/liquid) or three-phase separation of reaction mixtures; separating (removal or recovery) of a catalyst; separating by-products or impurities from the end product; product recovery and pollutant recovery from waste streams.

Pieralisi's mission is to contribute to outstanding product quality and to protecting the environment by providing state-of-the-art separators for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and auxiliary equipment to accommodate the separation needs within chemical processing lines. The diversity of chemical processes is as wide as the quantity of different chemicals produced and their specifications, including any personalisations requested by customers. We specifically operate in production processes involving intermediate or end chemical products and integrated recycling and recovery processes. All equipment used to facilitate these processes needs to comply with individual reaction parameters and average properties, such as pH, temperature, solvents, abrasive materials. As processes are continuously developed to achieve better end-products and higher efficiency, the separators for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as part of the individual process, have to follow and accept the challenge derived from new methods and new products.