Animal dairy

Equipment for dairy farms and dairy produce processing solutions

These days, consumers are increasingly eco-aware and well-read, and therefore demand healthy and wholesome food products that retain their nutritional values and natural goodness over time, yet which are concurrently competitively priced and have a long life.

Milk is definitely the most delicate raw food to process, and the most versatile in the many uses it has, but even simple drinking milk may contain different amounts of fat. If we consider dairy products like butter, soft and hard cheese, cream cheese, yoghurt, etc., it is clear how extensive the range of food related to milk is, requiring special processing equipment.

The separation process and the heat treatment of animal-based milk and dairy products therefore require a profound knowledge in the field, an expertise that Pieralisi has gained over years of experience, developing ever new solutions to offer its customers for all applications and supply chain process requirements, such as equipment for dairy farms and the like.